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For the most efficient , longest lasting and comfortable Commercial and Residential Heating and Cooling you cant beat the Geothermal Heat pump. With many years under the belt of the Geothermal Industry all the worries have been satisfied and now you can come to expect long lasting life out of your investment. And that's what a heating and cooling system is for your home, an investment. And what better way to invest than chose a system that has the highest payback on initial investment over the life of the equipment as anything you can put in your home or business.  We are always asked if Geothermal is available in my small yard, and the answer is almost always yes, with a excited response of "Really?!". We have many styles of underground burial techniques for just about every yard, large and small. When even put the tubing for the geothermal in customers ponds/lakes( typically we prefer the same sq. footage of water surface area as the above ground sq. footage of house space to be conditioned). Let us provide you with a comprehensive estimate and we will show you how quickly you can start profiting from installing a geothermal heat pump. 
  We have many sizes and makes to accommodate every home. We have water to water for radiant floor heated homes (can still add cooling via separate air handler), we have the standard water to air for forced air heating and cooling (now with variable output compressors for up to 31.5 EER . That's nearly 3.4x's the efficiency of a standard air to air heat pump! Also all of the Geothermal we typically install have hot water generators to help significantly reduce the cost to heat the homes' hot water demands. 
  With over 20 years experience on servicing and installing all makes of Geothermal Heatpumps from Trane, Waterfurnace, ComfortAire, Carrier and Geocomfort as well as more and more brands are produced. This is one of the fastest growing segments in the heating and cooling industry due to higher and higher fuel costs. Ask us about our Solar systems as well. For a company you can trust to install and service Geothermal heat pumps throughout Ohio you'll find we cant be beat. 
 Example: our latest sales call we went to give a bid against a Large Geothermal Company and after showing the customer more options, such as zoning and WiFi thermostat controls as well a free Indoor Air Quality Filtration Package ($999 value), we still saved this customer over $10,000. Plus with their 30% tax credit they only invested slightly more than a forced air system would have cost them!!!

Call for a pressure free, no cost  in home estimate!!
Geothermal Sales & Service for Ohio